Welcome to St Mary’s Church of England Church, Selattyn, Shropshire.

You are warmly invited to join us at our weekly services at 9.30am each Sunday. We try and make everything we do welcoming, friendly, and especially easy to follow if you’ve never been to church before.

Priest in charge: ‘The Reverend Steve Nicholson. Please contact him on stmarysselattyn@gmail.com or 01691 590564 for enquiries not covered by the rest of the website.’

Address: St Mary’s Church, Glyn Road, Selattyn, Oswestry, Shropshire SY10 7DH.

Location of Selattyn:

Selattyn is a small village in Shropshire about 4 miles northwest of Oswestry and just over a mile from the Welsh border. Click here to see the whole area on a small scale map. The location of Selattyn can easily be seen in relation to Oswestry and the surrounding area. Click here to see the village of Selattyn in detail on a map – scale 1:25,000. The position of the church in the village can be easily seen. Both these maps will be shown in a separate window.

St. Mary’s Vision Statement:

We are a community of people, loved by God, united by our loyalty to Jesus, and guided and empowered by God’s Holy Spirit. We are committed to regular worship and prayer, to applying the Bible to our lives, and to growing in our faith; we seek to be generous in giving, and to have buildings suited to both worship and outreach. We seek to express God’s love in being loving and caring, joyful and compassionate, generous and friendly, warmly welcoming old and young, as we seek to bring others to know Jesus. We value our links with the local community and the school.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our site. If you are ever staying in our area please visit us at one of our services. You will be made very welcome.


St Mary’s Selattyn is committed to Safeguarding and has adopted the National and Diocesan Safeguarding Policies. Our Safeguarding Team is our Coordinators (Mel Johnson and Joy Grundy) along with the Vicar. If you have any concerns about any safeguarding issues please contact the Parish Safeguarding Team by email on safeguarding.hengoed@gmail.com, phone the Vicarage on 01691 590 564 or contact the Diocesan Team (https://www.lichfield.anglican.org/safeguarding/).


Ref: 2019-043019
Diocese: Lichfield
Church: Selattyn: St Mary
Form 4A
(Rule 6.2)
Public Notice
(general form)
In the Consistory Court of the Diocese of Lichfield
Church of Selattyn: St Mary
In the parish of Selattyn
NOTICE IS GIVEN that we are applying to the Consistory Court of the diocese for permission to carry
out the following:
Making permanent the laying flat of the dangerously unstable box tomb of John and Catherine Rogers (c.
1830) within the churchyard for health and safety reasons. The non-engraved sides to be laid on the
foundation slab, the top re-positioned, and the sides leant up to keep the engravings visible. The work not
to affect the foundation slab or anything below ground level. All in accordance with a drawing presented
with the petition.
Copies of the relevant plans and documents may be examined at
the porch noticeboard at St Mary’s Selattyn.
so that your letter reaches the registrar not later than 10/11/2021. A letter of objection must include
your name and address and state whether you live in the parish and/or your name is entered on the
church electoral roll of the parish or any other basis on which you have an interest in the matter.
Date 11/10/2021
If you wish to object to any of the works or proposals you should send a letter stating the grounds of
your objection to The Diocesan Registrar at
Lichfield Diocesan Registry
FBC Manby Bowdler LLP
6-10 George Street
(If changes to a church are proposed, a copy of the petition and of any designs, plans, photographs and
other documents that were submitted with it must be displayed in the church or at another place where
they may be conveniently inspected by the public.)
Monday, October 11, 2021 10:50 AM Page 1
Directions to petitioner
You must display this public notice (or a copy of it) for a continuous period of not less than 28 days, not
counting the day on which it was put up or the day on which it is taken down, (or for such other period as
the Court may direct and subject to any special directions of the registrar) in each of the following places:
1. on a notice board or in some other prominent position inside the church; and
2. on a notice board outside the church or in some other prominent position (whether on the outside
of the church door or elsewhere) so that it can be read by the public.
Certificate of publication
I, ________________________(name), one of the petitioners, certify that a copy of this public notice was
displayed during the period from 11/10/2021 to 10/11/2021 (inclusive)
1. on a notice board inside the church of Selattyn: St Mary; and
2. outside the church of Selattyn: St Mary, on a notice board [or on the principal door] [or
________________________ ] where it could be read by the public.
Signed ________________________ (signature of petitioner)
Date ______________________
Note: This certificate must be completed in full by making appropriate entries in the blank spaces and
deleting that which does not apply. The public notice (or a copy) with a completed certificate of
publication must be returned to the diocesan registrar once the period for the display of the notice has
Monday, October 11, 2021 10:50 AM