Sometimes know as Christenings.

If you live in the parish of Selattyn, it’s usually possible to be baptised at St Mary’s. If you don’t live in the parish you would have to show a connection, and a baptism could only go ahead if the vicar in the parish where you live gave permission.

The baptism of babies and young children would take place during our informal family service at 9.30 am on the first Sunday of the month or at another time to suit you.

Preparation sessions are held with the parents beforehand to help them to understand the implications of the promises they will be making. For older children and adults who want to be baptised, a lengthier preparation is usual.

The baptism service, and the promises you will be making, can be viewed on the Church of England web site, . If you felt that in all honesty you could not make the baptism promises before God, we would be happy to consider a service of thanksgiving as an alternative.

To apply please contact: The Reverend Steve Nicholson  tel: 01691 590564  email: